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Who this course is designed for
This is an accelerated introduction course on TiDB targeted for those with a strong MySQL background. In many cases we will explain TiDB concepts by using a direct comparison to MySQL.
This course uses a combination of videos and hands-on exercises. Students may study at their own pace, with an instructor available to reach out to at any point. Completion typically takes 20-30 hours.
What you will learn
Students who successfully complete this course will be able to deploy TiDB in a production environment and perform common DBA tasks, such as backup & recovery, capacity planning and monitoring.
  • This course assumes students have 3-5+ years experience using MySQL in a DBA or Architect role.
  • Students should be comfortable typing commands in a bash shell and MySQL command line client.
  • Previous exposure to Cloud technologies (i.e. Kubernetes) is beneficial but not required.
Tuition Fees
This course is available free of charge!