2021-03-04Xiang WangCommunity
If your Golang app uses a MySQL-compatible database, you will have a lot of database-related code to unit test. Unlike go-sqlmock, tidb-lite lets you test your code easily without the need to start a database instance in the external environment.
2021-02-23Heng Long, Shuang Chen, Wenjun HuangCommunity
TiGraph can manipulate graph data and relational data in one transaction while guaranteeing strong consistency. It boosts TiDB's computing performance by 8,700x in four-degree separation.
2021-02-16Leitao GuoCommunity
Learn how to efficiently find the right database for your applications.
How toDatabase selection
2021-02-09JD Cloud database teamCommunity
PingCAP teams up with JD Cloud to provide Cloud-TiDB service on the JD Cloud platform.
Cloud-nativeHTAPScalabilityReal-time analyticsBackup and restore
2021-02-05Cwen Yin, Calvin WengCommunity
Chaos Mesh started out as a mere fault injection tool and is now heading towards the goal of building a Chaos Engineering ecology. Meanwhile, the Chaos Mesh community was also built from scratch and has helped Chaos Mesh join CNCF as a Sandbox project.
Chaos MeshChaos Engineering
2021-02-04Wenbo ZhangEngineering
This post introduces common methods to prevent Linux memory fragmentation, the principle of memory compaction, how to view the fragmentation index, etc.
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