2020-11-26Hui ZhangOpen Source Community
NetEase Fuxi AI Lab is China's first professional game AI research institution. In their search for a Chaos Engineering tool to test their Kubernetes-based AI training platform, they chose Chaos Mesh and have improved their system resiliency ever since.
Chaos MeshChaos Engineering
2020-11-24Xinye TaoEngineering
This article illustrates the best practices of running TiDB on AWS, including how to choose the suitable cloud storage and properly configure the system.
Best practiceRaftCloud
With great pleasure, we are announcing that we have raised $270 million in Series D funding led by global investors. We are looking for more innovations, global expansion, and more team growth as we strive to build the database of the future.
2020-11-16Will ZhangOpen Source Community
A site reliability engineer gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to deploy TiDB on KubeSphere, an open-source, distributed GUI operating system with Kubernetes as its kernel.
TiDB OperatorCloud-nativeKubernetesTutorial
2020-11-11Zhi QiEngineering
By combining Apache Flink and TiDB, we offer an efficient, easy-to-use, real-time data warehouse with horizontal scalability and high availability.
ScalabilityHTAPReal-time analytics
DM 2.0 has reached general availability. It supports highly available migration tasks and shard merging and migration in optimistic mode.
Ecosystem toolsData migrationHigh availabilityAnnouncement
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