Sept 17 - Dec 5, 2020

High Performance
TiDB Challenge

High Performance TiDB Challenge
High Performance TiDB Challenge is now officially launched!
High-Performance TiDB Challenge is a mentoring program which focuses on workload optimization to bring TiDB performance to a higher level.Several typical workloads in need of optimization are now open for participants to discuss and work on. Completion of each challenge task under the selected workload is recognized through challenge points, which could be redeemed into cash awards and swags.
How to Challenge
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Step 1
Challenge Application
Make sure you read the Participation Notes before you apply for the program. To apply, click the Sign Up button below and fill in the application form. Note that once the form is submitted, it cannot be modified.
Step 2
Team Bonding and Coding
In this period, you get to know your teammates and mentors and work together on diagnosing performance bottlenecks. Once the bottlenecks are identified, you need to create the corresponding issues and start coding to optimize.
Step 3
Code Submission
Submit the code change before Nov 29. PRs merged after Nov 29 will not be counted for the points.
Step 4
Submit your presentation slides before 10:00 (China Standard Time), Dec 4. The team leader presents the optimization process and results at 13:00-17:00 on Dec 5(online).
Evaluation criteria

Performance improvement (65%)

The performance improvement (percentage) of your working branch compared with the base Master branch when the program started

PR points of the team (30%)

The validated PRs merged into the Master branch

Presentation (5%)

Presentation performance

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1st prize
7,000 US dollars for the team; 1,350 US dollars for the mentor
2nd prize
4,250 US dollars for the team; 1,350 US dollars for the mentor
3rd prize
1,350 US dollars for the team
Follow-up updates
The committee has decided to offer more resources for the teams, including benchmark facilities on cloud platforms and TiDB Cloud credit coupons! Refer to About Challenge for more details.
  • Teams that finish the final presentation will be evaluated by the judges, among which no more than five winning teams will be generated.
  • If the winning team does not have a mentor, the mentor prize will be automatically added to the team.
  • Each member of the finisher team can get a special swag.
judge avatar
Ed Huang
CTO & Co-founder at PingCAP
judge avatar
Yang Wang
Head of Database Product Department at Ping An Technology
judge avatar
Xiaoguang Sun
Head of Technology Platform at Zhihu
judge avatar
Chengxuan Xu
Head of Database Infrastructure at PalFish
judge avatar
Siddon Tang
Chief Engineer at PingCAP
PR points ranking
Note: The leaderboard does not indicate the final group ranking.
Participation notes
About team-up
About challenge points
About mentors


You need to team up before submitting the application form. One team could only select one workload for optimization. Once the form is submitted, no information can be modified.


Up to six participants are allowed in a team (mentor included). Cross team-up is not allowed.


If you have trouble teaming up, give a shout in the Slack channel for help. Or you can sign up as a one-person team.


Your team only earns points when you resolve the issues that you proposed for workload optimization. If the issues resolved are not relevant, there will be no points granted.


The team points are the sum of the points of all the tasks completed by your team members.


Only one mentor is allowed in a team and one mentor could only provide instructions to one team.


Besides providing regular mentoring instructions, the mentor is allowed to claim the tasks to submit PRs. As such, in addition to the mentor prize, the mentor is eligible to share the team prize.


The team that needs mentoring could contact the organizing committee in the Slack channel.

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