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2020-08-14Maintainers of TiDB and TiKVOpen Source Community

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Dear fellow community members,

As you may already know, there have been debates in the community over Placement Driver (PD) regarding its affiliation to TiDB and TiKV. Currently it is under PingCAP organization, as a dependency library to many of the TiDB/TiKV eco-system projects. However, it's also indisputable that PD functions as the cluster manager, meta store, and scheduling center to TiKV, which is a CNCF project up for graduation. To clear the concern in the community, we decide to move the PD library entirely to TiKV org, happening at 11 AM, UTC+8, August 17, 2020.

After an initial evaluation, this move doesn't impact how you use or develop PD/TiKV/TiDB in the long run, but please be aware of the process as follows accordingly:

  1. Stop all CI activities related to PD, and update the import path in PD
  2. Perform the transfer
  3. Reconfigure automation testing framework that includes CI, GitHub bot, etc under the TiKV org.
  4. Update the import path for downstream projects that depend on PD, including TiDB, Backup & Restore (BR), TiDB Data Migration (DM), TiCDC, TiDB Operator, TiDB Lighting, TiPocket.

We will keep you informed when migration is finished.

Important: If the project you are working on depends on PD, you will need to modify the import path correspondingly next time you update PD.

Leave your comment on related issue/RFC if any:


Maintainer team of TiDB & TiKV


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