TiDB Monthly Update for September 2020


We have five releases this month:

  • TiDB 4.0.7 Release Notes

    • New features

      • Add the GetAllMembers function in the PD client to get PD member information
      • Support generating the metrics relationship graph
    • Improvements

      • Add more runtime information for the join operator
      • Support the JSON log format
      • Improve the error handling of the Region meta change that occurs during reads
    • Bug Fixes

  • TiDB 4.0.6 Release Notes

    • New features

      • Support outer join in TiFlash broadcast join
      • Add Query Editor and execution UI in TiDB Dashboard (experimental) #713
      • Support outputting data in the maxwell format #869
      • TiCDC has become an feature for general availability (GA).
    • Improvements

      • Replace error codes and messages with standard errors #19888
      • Reduce QPS drop when DropTable or TruncateTable is being executed #8627
      • Update TiDB Dashboard to v2020.09.08.1 #2928
    • Bug fixes

  • TiDB 3.0.19 Release Notes

    • Compatibility changes

      • Change the import path from pingcap/pd to tikv/pd
      • Change the copyright information from PingCAP, Inc to TiKV Project Authors
    • Improvements

      • Mitigate the impact of failure recovery on QPS performance
      • Support adjusting the concurrency of the union operator
      • Add an alert rule for PD restart
    • Bug fixes

  • TiDB Data Migration 2.0 RC.2 Release Notes

  • TiDB Operator 1.1.5 Release Notes

Blog posts

We published Celebrate TiKV Graduation within CNCF to celebrate TiKV's graduation from the CNCF.

Aylei Wu wrote an article TiDB Operator: Your TiDB Operations Expert in Kubernetes to answer the question of whether or not to run TiDB in Kubernetes and introduce to you TiDB Operator, your database operations expert for Kubernetes.

In How to Migrate Data from Amazon Aurora MySQL to TiDB Cloud, Yiwen Chen showed you how to migrate your data from Amazon Aurora MySQL to TiDB Cloud using the open-source Dumpling and TiDB Lightning tools.

Jiaqing Xu, the DBA at BIGO, wrote an article Why We Chose an HTAP Database over MySQL for Horizontal Scaling and Complex Queries to talk about how BIGO has benefited from TiDB and its new features in TiDB 4.0.

In Chaos Mesh 1.0: Chaos Engineering on Kubernetes Made Easier, Chaos Mesh Maintainers were proud to announce the general availability of Chaos Mesh® 1.0, following its entry into CNCF as a sandbox project in July, 2020.

chaos-mesh-action: Integrate Chaos Engineering into Your CI, written by Xiang Wang, introduced how we use chaos-mesh-action, a GitHub action to integrate Chaos Mesh into the CI process.

How We Build an HTAP Database That Simplifies Your Data Platform, an article based on Shawn Ma's talk given at TiDB DevCon 2020, shared with you what HTAP is and how TiDB makes the most of the HTAP architecture.

In Announcing HTAP support in TiDB Cloud, we were glad to announce that TiDB Cloud, our fully managed database service powered by TiDB, now supports Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads.

ZaloPay: Using a Scale-Out MySQL Alternative to Serve Millions of Users, an article based on Tan To Nguyen Duy (the DevOps Engineer at VNG Corporation)‘s sharing at TiDB DevCon 2020, explained why his team chose TiDB as ZaloPay's merchant platform core database.

Haodong Ji, the head DBA at Zhuan Zhuan, wrote an article A Scale-Out Database Powers China's Letgo with Reduced Maintenance Costs to introduce how TiDB 4.0's new features make TiDB easier to use and reduce their operations and maintenance costs.

Important pull requests


Support using the joint consensus in Raftstore


Allow async commit by default







Important issues





RocksDB: To fix the issue that the cache key conflict leads to data corruption



Call for participation


To solve the issue that creating table with the invalid double(50) data type should return a syntax error


To generate CRD manifest with more validation schemas



To add a lock to avoid multiple tiup-cluster instances running on the same time

New contributors

We'd like to welcome the following new contributors to TiDB and thank them for their work!