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Last week, we published a post describes how we hacked through different approaches of clock skew and how TimeChaos in Chaos Mesh enables time to swing freely in containers.

This full post is here:

Simulating Clock Skew in K8s Without Affecting Other Containers on the Node

Inspired by Google's Key Visualizer, we have implemented Key Visualizer (KeyViz) in TiDB, a distributed, relational, NewSQL database. Key Visualizer displays system status graphically, which helps database administrators (DBAs) quickly troubleshoot database performance issues and enables users to gain deep insights into their applications.

Last week, we published another post that does a deep dive on what Key Visualizer is, how it works, how it can help you, and which scenarios it applies to. If you're a DBA or database developer, we hope you can take this knowledge and apply it to your own work. For example, if you're a developer, you could adopt TiDB and Key Visualizer for your own applications, or even design a similar tool to troubleshoot your system.

The full article is here:

Key Visualizer: Observe Distributed Databases to Discover the Unknowns


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Last week, we landed 183 PRs in the TiDB repository, 6 PRs in the TiUP repository, 40 PRs in the TiDB Dashboard repository, 5 PRs in the TiSpark repository, and 78 PRs in the TiKV and PD repositories.


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