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High read latency and network traffic are common issues for a multi-region architecture. At TiDB Hackathon 2019, a team won 2nd place by reducing multi-region read latency and network traffic by 50%.

Last week, we published a post that introduces how the team reduced the read latency and network traffic by half for a multi-region architecture. If you have similar problems, we hope this post will help you.

The full post is here:

How We Reduced Multi-region Read Latency and Network Traffic by 50%

Last week, we also published the third (and last, for now) post in a series on remote work by Nick Cameron. This post talks a bit about some of the practicalities, specifically around work/life balance.

The full post is here:

Remote Work - Part 3


New Committer

Congratulations to TennyZhuang as the new TiKV Committer!

Before becoming a Committer, TennyZhuang had been reviewing PRs for the TiKV community as a Reviewer, and gradually got familiar with the Coprocessor module. He made the following contributions to the TiKV community:

  • Greatly improved the performance of LIKE(): tikv/tikv #5866
  • Greatly improved the performance of IN(): tikv/tikv #6000
  • Refined TiDB's time format to be 8 bytes as TiKV: tikv/tikv #6418
  • Participated in implementing the collation for TiKV: tikv/tikv #6592
  • Accepted the RPN expression to support complex expressions: tikv/tikv #6313
  • Implemented the metadata framework: tikv/tikv #5993

Thank him for his contributions to the community!

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Last week, we landed 52 PRs in the TiDB repository, 1 PR in the TiSpark repository, and 43 PRs in the TiKV and PD repositories.

Critical PRs



TiKV and PD: