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One of the fundamental tradeoffs of programming language design is run-time performance vs. compile-time performance. The Rust team nearly always (if not always) chose run-time over compile-time.

Last week, we published a post that discusses the following topics as the first episode in a series of posts:

  • The spectre of poor Rust compile times at PingCAP
  • The TiKV compile-time adventure so far
  • Rust's designs for poor compilation time
    • Bootstrapping Rust
    • (Un)virtuous cycles
    • Early decisions that favored run-time over compile-time
  • Recent work on Rust compile times

The full post is here:

The Rust Compilation Model Calamity


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Last two weeks, we landed 25 PRs in the TiDB repository and 7 PRs in the TiKV and PD repositories.

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