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JD Cloud, owned by JD.com (China's largest online retailer), is a full-service cloud computing platform and integrated cloud service provider. Previously, they used MySQL to store OSS metadata. But as the metadata grew rapidly, standalone MySQL couldn't meet their storage requirements. They faced severe challenges in storing unprecedented amounts of data that kept soaring.

Last week, we published a post written by Can Cui, an infrastructure specialist at JD Cloud, that deep dives into how TiKV, an open-source distributed transactional key-value database, empowered JD Cloud to manage huge amounts of OSS metadata with a simple and horizontally scalable architecture. The post introduces why they chose TiKV, how they're using it, and some thoughts about future plans.

The full article is here:

Lesson Learned from 40 K QPS and 20+ Billion Rows of Data in a Single Scale-out Cluster


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Last week, we landed 62 PRs in the TiDB repository, 20 PRs in the TiSpark repository, and 37 PRs in the TiKV and PD repositories.

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