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Summoned by TiDB Hackathon 2019, a bunch of passionate hackers and geeks gathered in three PingCAP offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou on October 26 and 27. They contributed their brilliant ideas to “Improve” TiDB.

Last week, we published a post that introduces the top 3 winners at TiDB Hackathon 2019 and the cozy and friendly environment of this meeting.

The full article is here:

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Updates of the week


Last week, we landed 100 PRs in the TiDB repository, 6 PRs in the TiSpark repository, and 47 PRs in the TiKV and PD repositories.

Critical PRs



TiKV and PD:

Upcoming TiDB events

TiDB Experience Sharing Meeting (Guangzhou) (Chinese page)

  • Time: November 7th, 2019
  • Location: PingCAP office in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

TiDB Experience Sharing Meeting (Shenzhen) (Chinese page)

  • Time: November 9th, 2019
  • Location: Beike Building, Nanshan District, Guangdong Province