Weekly update (August 29 ~ September 04, 2016)

Last week, we landed 29 PRs in the TiDB repositories and 24 PRs in the TiKV repositories.

Notable changes to TiDB

Notable changes to TiKV

Notable changes to Placement Driver

  • Check duplicated store addresses to prevent user from bootstrapping cluster in the wrong way, see issues 287, 288.
  • Support the remove store API to remove a dead TiKV store.
  • Use glide instead of the original godep to manage vendor.
  • Remove join itself to prevent user from starting a removed PD server again.


Use sysbench to benchmark using the (CF_RAFT) column family to save the Raft log and previously the default (CF_DEFAULT) column family in 3-node TiKV.

# Prepare data
sysbench --test=./lua-tests/db/oltp.lua --mysql-host=${host} --mysql-port=${port} \
 --mysql-user=${user} --mysql-password=${password} --oltp-tables-count=1 \
 --oltp-table-size=${table_size} --rand-init=on prepare

# Run benchmark
sysbench --test=./lua-tests/db/insert.lua --mysql-host=${host} --mysql-port=${port} \
 --mysql-user=${user} --mysql-password=${password} --oltp-tables-count=1 \
 --oltp-table-size=${table_size} --num-threads=${threads} --report-interval=60 \
 --max-requests=1280000 --percentile=99 run
Threads Table Size CF_DEFAULT qps CF_DEFAULT avg/.99 latency CF_RAFT qps CF_RAFT avg/.99 latency
32 6400000 3885 8.24/13.48 3979 8.04/13.70
64 7680000 3653 17.52/34.10 4477 14.29/24.49
128 8960000 3422 37.39/70.10 4642 27.57/57.45

As we can see, the qps is increased by about 22%, and the latency is decreased by about 18%.

New contributors