Weekly update (August 05 ~ August 12, 2016)

Last week, we landed 20 PRs in the TiDB repositories and 11 PRs in the TiKV repositories.

Notable changes to TiDB

  • Rewrite Lexer and improve the speed of parsing SQL texts by 40%.
  • Add a command line flag for log output file and rotate log files regularly.
  • Optimize the 2 phase commit process and adopt faster methods to clear locks.
  • Optimize the execution speed of the Insert On Duplicate Update statement.
  • Update the Documents repository.
  • Fix several bugs.

Notable changes to TiKV

  • Support the Scan and Resolve transaction lock.
  • Support garbage collection(GC) stale peer.
  • Use a Write column family to store transaction commit logs.
  • Remove the unnecessary Seek operation.
  • Fix random quorum test.

Notable changes to Placement Driver

  • Support the get PD leader API.