Course Overview


Welcome to TiDB Academy!

My name is Morgan, and I'll be your instructor for TiDB for MySQL DBAs. To give myself a quick introduction, like you I have a background in MySQL Administration. I've been using it for over 15 years now, most recently I was product manager for the MySQL Server at Oracle. If you have a question about how something you do in MySQL works in TiDB, I'd be happy to provide an answer!

TiDB for MySQL DBAs is an advanced course targeted for those with a strong MySQL background. We are assuming you have 3-5 years of MySQL experience, as a MySQL DBA or architect, because in many cases I will explain TiDB concepts by using a direct comparison to MySQL. So let's start with an example of what I might say:

In TiDB, the storage engine is based on RocksDB instead of InnoDB. RocksDB has similar semantics, as it is also a transactional storage engine with full ACID compliance. It has a couple of distinctive advantages for large databases: it has more efficient compression, and insert performance is sustained when the data set no longer fits in memory.

Did that sentence make sense to you? If so, excellent!

There is one more prerequisite for this course. And that is that we are assuming that you comfortable with using a command line interface for Bash and MySQL.

(If this doesn't describe you, we are planning other future TiDB academy courses for more beginner-level audiences, so stay tuned.)

In this advanced course, you will learn the ins-and-outs of how a complex distributed database like TiDB works and how TiDB complements existing MySQL users like you, along with a set of hands-on labs to practice your new skills. As a teaser, here are some key topics we will cover:

  • Architectural design components that support hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) workloads
  • Horizontal scaling with a transactional model that keeps data strongly consistent and highly available
  • Online DDL algorithm and implementation

Ready? Let's get started!