TiDB Adopters

This is a list of TiDB adopters in various industries.

Company Industry Success Story
Mobike Ridesharing English; Chinese
Jinri Toutiao Mobile News Platform Chinese
Yiguo.com E-commerce English; Chinese
Shopee E-commerce English; Chinese
Yuanfudao.com EdTech English; Chinese
Xiaomi Consumer Electronics Chinese
LY.com Travel Chinese
Qunar.com Travel Chinese
Hulu Entertainment
Lenovo Enterprise Technology
Bank of Beijing Banking Chinese
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Banking
iQiyi Media and Entertainment English; Chinese
BookMyShow Media and Entertainment English
Yimian Data Big Data Chinese
CAASDATA Big Data Chinese
Phoenix New Media Media Chinese
Mobikok AdTech Chinese
LinkDoc Technology HealthTech Chinese
G7 Networks Logistics Chinese
Hive-Box Logistics Chinese
360 Finance FinTech Chinese
GAEA Gaming English; Chinese
YOOZOO Games Gaming Chinese
Seasun Games Gaming Chinese
NetEase Games Gaming
Zhaopin.com Recruiting
Panda.tv Live Streaming
Hoodinn Gaming
Ping++ Mobile Payment Chinese
Hainan eKing Technology Enterprise Technology Chinese
LianLian Tech Mobile Payment
Tongdun Technology FinTech
Wacai FinTech
Tree Finance FinTech
2Dfire.com FoodTech Chinese
Happigo.com E-commerce
Mashang Consumer Finance FinTech
Tencent OMG Media
Terren Media
LeCloud Media
Miaopai Media
Snowball Finance FinTech
Yimutian E-commerce
Gengmei Plastic Surgery
Acewill FoodTech
Keruyun SaaS Chinese
Youju Tech E-Commerce
Maizuo E-Commerce
Mogujie E-Commerce
Zhuan Zhuan Online Marketplace English; Chinese
Shuangchuang Huipu FinTech
Meizu Media
SEA group Gaming
Sogou MediaTech
Chunyu Yisheng HealthTech
Meituan-Dianping Food Delivery English; Chinese
Qutoutiao Social Network
QuantGroup FinTech
Meili Finance FinTech
Guolian Securities Financial Services
Founder Securities Financial Services
China Telecom Shanghai Telecom
State Administration of Taxation Finance
Wuhan Antian Information Technology Enterprise Technology
Ausnutria Dairy FoodTech
Qingdao Telaidian Electric Car Charger Chinese