mydumper Instructions

What is mydumper?

mydumper is a fork of the mydumper project with additional functionality specific to TiDB. It is the recommended method to use for logical backups of TiDB.

Download the Binary.

What enhancements does this contain over regular mydumper?

  • Uses tidb_snapshot to provide backup consistency instead of FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK

  • Allows tidb_snapshot to be configurable (i.e. backup data as it appeared at an earlier point in time)

New parameter description

  -z, --tidb-snapshot: Set the tidb_snapshot to be used for the backup.
                       Default: The current TSO (UniqueID from SHOW MASTER STATUS).
                       Accepts either a TSO or valid datetime.  For example: -z "2016-10-08 16:45:26"

Usage example

Command line parameter:

./bin/mydumper -h -u root -P 4000


Is the source code for these changes available?

Source code for PingCAP's mydumper is available on GitHub.

Do you plan to make these changes available to upstream mydumper?

Yes, we intend to make our changes available to upstream mydumper. See PR #155.