Build requirements

Supported platforms

The following table lists TiDB support for common architectures and operating systems.

Architecture Operating System Status
AMD64 Linux Ubuntu (14.04+) Stable
AMD64 Linux CentOS (7+) Stable
AMD64 Mac OSX Experimental


The check requirement script can help you check prerequisites and install the missing ones automatically.

TiKV is well tested in a certain Rust version by us, and the exact version can be found in the RUST_VERSION file in TiKV's root directory. We recommend you to use the same version as we do. To set Rust version, execute following command in your TiKV project directory:

rustup override set nightly-2018-01-12  # For example if our current version is `nightly-2018-01-12`
cargo +nightly-2018-01-12 install rustfmt-nightly --version 0.3.4