DM-worker Configuration File

This document introduces the configuration of DM worker, including a configuration file template and a description of each configuration parameter in this file.

Configuration file template

The following is a configuration file template of the DM-worker:

# Worker Configuration.
name = "worker1"

# Log configuration.
log-level = "info"
log-file = "dm-worker.log"

# DM-worker listen address.
worker-addr = ":8262"
advertise-addr = ""
join = ",,"

Configuration parameters


Parameter Description
name The name of the DM-worker.
log-level Specifies a log level from debug, info, warn, error, and fatal. The default log level is info.
log-file Specifies the log file directory. If this parameter is not specified, the logs are printed onto the standard output.
worker-addr Specifies the address of DM-worker which provides services. You can omit the IP address and specify the port number only, such as “:8262”.
advertise-addr Specifies the address that DM-worker advertises to the outside world.
join Corresponds to one or more master-addrs in the DM-master configuration file.