This post talks about the bottlenecks of traditional real-time analytics architectures and how TiDB helps iQIYI succeed in real-time analytics scenarios.
HTAPReal-time analytics
2021-11-18ZTO ExpressInternet
For several years, ZTO Express has used TiDB to scale out their database and perform multi-dimensional analytics in real time. Now, they also use TiDB in the HTAP scenario to improve data freshness and execute analytical queries in minutes.
ScalabilityHTAPReal-time analytics
2021-11-04SHAREit GroupInternet
This post talks about why SHAREit Group embraces TiKV, an open-source distributed KV database, as its storage infrastructure. Learn how TiKV beats other solutions and provides bulk load and real-time data writes.
As JD.com's business grew, they faced big database challenges. To solve their problems, they migrated from MySQL to TiDB. TiDB helps scale out their databases and increases their large parcel sorting system's performance by 8x.
ScalabilityNo sharding
Databricks is an enterprise software company that helps data teams solve some of the world's toughest problems. This article describes why they chose TiDB as their database and shares some TiDB best practices.
ScalabilityBackup and restoreMySQL
2021-09-22Huya LiveInternet
As Huya Live's business grew, their storage capacity became a bottleneck. Their live broadcasts had high latency, and their database maintenance cost was high. Learn how TiDB helps them achieve database scalability, high availability, and strong consistency with low costs.
ScalabilityHTAPReal-time analyticsTiFlashHigh availabilityNo sharding
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