2020-11-19China Telecom BestpayFinancial Services
A senior architect at China Telecom Bestpay shared how TiDB, a MySQL-compatible, distributed SQL database, boosted the performance of their core systems by 3–5 times.
MySQL compatibilityScalability
2020-10-12Bank of ChinaFinancial Services
To monitor their large-scale IT infrastructure, Bank of China chose TiDB, a scale-out relational database, to replace Zabbix's MySQL backend. Learn how they use TiDB to manage over 10,000 monitored devices and 18 TB data.
ScalabilityMySQL compatibilityMySQLBest practice
2020-10-08Bank of BeijingFinancial Services
Bank of Beijing sought an open-source, horizontally scalable database to scale out their database. Learn how they use TiDB to achieve database scaling with zero downtime.
2020-09-17VNGFinancial Services
A DevOps engineer in ZaloPay, Vietnam's most popular mobile payment application, shared why his team chose TiDB as ZaloPay's merchant platform core database. He talked about their pain points, how they use TiDB, and what he likes about it the most.
HTAPDevConTiSparkReal-time analytics
2020-08-11PayPayFinancial Services
As PayPay's business grew, their payment management database became a bottleneck. Learn why PayPay chose TiDB over Aurora to handle their most crucial data and how efficiently they migrated to TiDB.
ScalabilityAmazon Aurora
2020-05-11VNGFinancial Services
As VNG's business developed, their infrastructure became an obstacle to their growth. Then they chose TiDB as the core database for their ZaloPay app and used it to store their critical data. Now, VNG has 20+ TiDB nodes in their production environment.
Database selectionMySQL
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