2020-11-19China Telecom BestpayFinancial Services
A senior architect at China Telecom Bestpay shared how TiDB, a MySQL-compatible, distributed SQL database, boosted the performance of their core systems by 3–5 times.
MySQL compatibilityScalability
In this post, PalFish explains why they chose TiDB over MongoDB and MySQL. The key factors were their application requirements and their perspective on NewSQL databases.
NewSQLACID transactionMySQLMongoDB
In this article, an engineer at U-Next talks about why they chose TiDB and why they run it on the ARM architecture. He also provides detailed benchmarking results showing that TiDB runs equally well on ARM and x86.
ARMScalabilityHigh availabilityMySQL compatibility
2020-10-20ZTO ExpressInternet
As its business quickly grew, ZTO Express found Exadata, Kudu, and HBase couldn't meet their database requirements. They migrated from Exadata to TiDB to scale out their database and perform multi-dimensional analytics in near real time.
ScalabilityHTAPReal-time analytics
2020-10-12Bank of ChinaFinancial Services
To monitor their large-scale IT infrastructure, Bank of China chose TiDB, a scale-out relational database, to replace Zabbix's MySQL backend. Learn how they use TiDB to manage over 10,000 monitored devices and 18 TB data.
ScalabilityMySQL compatibilityMySQLBest practice
2020-10-08Bank of BeijingFinancial Services
Bank of Beijing sought an open-source, horizontally scalable database to scale out their database. Learn how they use TiDB to achieve database scaling with zero downtime.
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