2020-07-01Heng Long, Shuang ChenEngineering
TiDB 4.0 introduces cluster diagnostics, a built-in widget in TiDB Dashboard, which lets you diagnose cluster problems within a specified time range. You can summarize the diagnostic results and cluster-related load monitoring information in a diagnostic report.
TroubleshootingDistributed SQL database
2020-05-28Wenxuan Shi, Ming Zhang, Shuang ChenEngineering
TiDB 4.0 introduces TiDB Dashboard, which provides various built-in widgets in a graphical interface that let you easily diagnose, monitor, and manage your clusters in one place. Now you can troubleshoot TiDB clusters more easily.
TroubleshootingDistributed SQL database
2020-04-22Xiangsheng Zheng, Di'an Luo, Wenxuan Shi, Ed HuangEngineering
Key Visualizer is a visual diagnostic tool that makes it easier to troubleshoot distributed SQL databases. Users can observe system health, quickly find hotspots in the cluster, and gain deep insights into applications.
TroubleshootingDistributed SQL database
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