2017-11-28Siddon TangEngineering
Paxos or Raft is frequently used to ensure data consistency in the distributed computing area. But Paxos is known for its complexity and is rather difficult to understand while Raft is very simple. Therefore, a lot of emerging databases tend to use Raft as the consensus algorithm at its bottom layer. TiKV is no exception.
Every developer has his/her favorite programming language. For the TiKV team members, it's Rust.
2017-09-15Siddon TangEngineering
This is the speech Siddon Tang gave at the RocksDB meetup on August 28, 2017.
2017-09-12Siddon TangEngineering
This is the speech Siddon Tang gave at Bay Area Rust Meetup August 2017.
2017-09-08Huachao HUANGEngineering
Data was corrupted. A cluster panicked. The crime scene was compromised. What happened? Detective Huang went all lengths to locate the criminal and solved it once and for all.
2017-09-01Peng XUEngineering
What happens when TiDB meets Jepsen?
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