2020-10-29Shuang ChenProduct
TiDB v4.0.7 introduced a new feature: the metrics relation graph. It helps users clearly see the relationship between different performance metrics in a database cluster and thus quickly locate the root causes of performance problems.
TiCDC is TiDB's change data capture framework. It is now generally available. This post introduces its features, application scenarios, and real-world case studies.
Ecosystem toolsAnnouncement
2020-09-24Aylei WuProduct
This post analyzes the pros and cons of running databases in Kubernetes. It also introduces TiDB Operator, a tool for managing TiDB clusters in Kubernetes, and describes how large companies are using it in their production environments as well as their best practices.
Cloud-nativeKubernetesTiDB Operator
Today, we're glad to announce that TiDB Cloud, our fully managed database service powered by TiDB, now supports Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads.
TiDB CloudHTAPReal-time analyticsAnnouncement
2020-09-04Yiwen ChenProduct
This post introduces how to smoothly migrate data from Amazon Aurora MySQL to TiDB Cloud using Dumpling and TiDB Lightning.
TiDB CloudAmazon AuroraData migrationTutorial
2020-08-13Lilian LeeProduct
Along with the rapid releases of TiDB products and projects, we also constantly update and improve our TiDB documentation. This post covers recent big changes, new content, and improvements in TiDB documentation.
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