2019-05-06PingCAPOpen Source Community
Our team at PingCAP is excited to announce that we are open-sourcing our own binlog implementation, TiDB Binlog. TiDB Binlog is a tool we've been developing in-house (until now) to collect binary log data from TiDB server and provide real-time data backup and replication.
TiDBOpen Source Community
2019-04-29PingCAPOpen Source Community
PingCAP has been an active member in the Rust community and one of the first production users of Rust in building TiKV. As part of being a co-organizer for the first RustCon Asia, PingCAP also contributed several topics in both keynote sessions and workshops.
TiKVRustOpen Source Community
2019-03-12Morgan TockerOpen Source Community
The official TiDB Certification is now available in beta and an online exam is ready for you to sign up.
MySQL ScalabilityHTAPOpen Source CommunityTiDB Academy
2019-02-12Kevin XuOpen Source Community
In this post, Kevin Xu shares the PingCAP team's experience and activities at FOSDEM 2019, including three talks they delivered at the conference -- the first one about TiDB and its architecture, horizontal scalability and MySQL compatibility, the second about improving development posture in Rust based on the work building TiKV, and the last about Rust implementation of Prometheus.
TiKVRustTiDBMySQL ScalabilityHTAPOpen Source Community
2018-10-16Morgan TockerOpen Source Community
Today, we are excited to launch TiDB Academy, a series of technical training courses and certifications on TiDB and distributed databases in general, taught by our senior technical team.
MySQL ScalabilityHTAPOpen Source CommunityTiDB Academy
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