2019-05-08Kolbe KegelEngineering
Learn to deploy TiDB Binlog with a simple TiDB cluster.
2019-05-01Wenbo ZhangEngineering
This post introduces how the EE team at PingCAP tackled two Linux kernel bugs while testing TiDB Operator in K8s. PingCAP engineers also hope the K8s community, RHEL and CentOS can help fix these bugs thoroughly in the near future.
2019-04-25Zhiquan ZhengEngineering
As a RocksDB plugin for key-value separation, inspired by WiscKey, Titan is available for preview in TiDB 3.0. This post introduces the design and implementation of Titan.
2018-11-14Siddon TangEngineering
This post discusses Raft Log Read, `ReadIndex` Read, and Lease Read, and why TiKV adopts the Lease Read approach.
2018-11-02Kevin XuEngineering
This post provides a macro-level overview of TiDB and is the main reference content for readers to orient and dig deeper into other TiDB subjects.
PingCAP, a leading distributed database company that created the popular cloud-native NewSQL database TiDB, announces a $50 million Series C funding round led by FOSUN and Morningside Venture Capital. All previous investors—China Growth Capital, Yunqi Partners, Matrix Partners China, and others—have also participated in this round. PingCAP plans to use this new capital to expand the TiDB ecosystem globally, build cross-cloud product offering, and invest in innovation of its core technology.
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