2020-04-13Taining ShenEngineering
Backing up or restoring a large-scale distributed SQL database is a time-consuming task. Our upcoming TiDB 4.0 release will support Backup & Restore (BR), a distributed backup and restore tool, which lets you back up and restore data at 1+ GB/s for 10-TB data.
Ecosystem toolsDistributed SQL databaseBackup and restore
2020-03-25Ke'ao YangEngineering
It can be hard to find Rust programs' performance bottlenecks online. By integrating pprof-rs in TiKV, we can use the Go tool pprof to visualize TiKV's profiling data. This helps analyze the program's performance online.
2020-03-18Chengwen YinEngineering
In this 10-minute tutorial, we will help you to quickly get started with Chaos Engineering and run your first chaos experiment with Chaos Mesh.
Chaos MeshHow to
2020-02-26Nick CameronEngineering
Nick Cameron is a long-time Rust programmer who has recently started using Go. In this post, he talks about his early impressions of Go. Read this post to learn more.
2020-02-19Tianyi Zhuang, Hetian Zhu, Peng Qu, Haoxiang LinEngineering
High read latency and network traffic are common issues for a multi-region architecture. At TiDB Hackathon 2019, a team won 2nd place by reducing multi-region read latency and network traffic by 50%. Read this post to learn how they did it.
2020-02-05Edward HuangEngineering
The Follower Read feature lets any follower replica in a Region serve a read request under the premise of strongly consistent reads. It reduces the load on the Raft leader and improves the read throughput of the TiDB cluster. Read this post to learn more.
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