2021-04-19Ruoxi Sun, Fei XuEngineering
At TiDB Hackathon 2020, a team used GPU acceleration techniques to improve the performance of CPU-intensive analytical query processing and achieved 10x~150x performance improvement.
HackathonQuery execution
2021-03-23Yiwen ChenEngineering
TiDB Operator is an operator for running TiDB in Kubernetes. This article will introduce its architecture and what value it brings to you.
TiDB OperatorKubernetes
2021-02-04Wenbo ZhangEngineering
This post introduces common methods to prevent Linux memory fragmentation, the principle of memory compaction, how to view the fragmentation index, etc.
2021-01-08Ke'ao YangEngineering
This post dives deep into how we implement the IOChaos experiment without using a sidecar.
Chaos Engineering
2020-12-24Wenbo ZhangEngineering
To trace system calls in Linux effectively, you can use perf to analyze system calls that have latency in general scenarios. For containers or Kubernetes that use cgroup v2, traceloop is more convenient.
LinuxPerformance tuning
2020-12-22Zhexuan YangEngineering
A senior solution architect at PingCAP explains why TiSpark (TiDB + Apache Spark) is better than the traditional batch processing solution, how you can benefit from TiSpark, and how it works.
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