2020-09-04Yiwen ChenEngineering
This post introduces how to smoothly migrate data from Amazon Aurora MySQL to TiDB Cloud using Dumpling and TiDB Lightning.
TiDB CloudAmazon AuroraData migrationTutorial
2020-08-20Ken LiuEngineering
This post introduces in detail the features of TiDB Cloud - the fully managed, horizontally scaling, cloud-native, distributed SQL database in the cloud.
TiDB CloudCloudHTAP
2020-08-17Ben Ye, Chengwen YinEngineering
This article describes how we use TiPocket, an automated testing framework, to build a full Chaos Engineering testing loop for TiDB.
Chaos MeshChaos test
2020-08-13Lilian LeeEngineering
Along with the rapid releases of TiDB products and projects, we also constantly update and improve our TiDB documentation. This post covers recent big changes, new content, and improvements in TiDB documentation.
2020-08-06Max LiuEngineering
At TiDB DevCon 2020, Max Liu, CEO at PingCAP, gave a keynote speech. He believes that today's database should be more flexible, more real-time, and easier to use, and TiDB, an elastic, cloud-native, real-time HTAP database, is exactly that kind of database.
Community newsDevConHTAPCloud-nativeChaos Mesh
2020-08-04Mengyu HuEngineering
This post shows how to deploy a Hive cluster with TiDB to achieve horizontal scalability of Hive Metastore.
ScalabilityHow to
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