2020-07-01Heng LongEngineering
TiDB 4.0 introduces cluster diagnostics, a built-in widget in TiDB Dashboard, which lets you diagnose cluster problems within a specified time range. You can summarize the diagnostic results and cluster-related load monitoring information in a diagnostic report.
TroubleshootingDistributed SQL database
2020-06-29Brian AndersonEngineering
This is the fourth episode of the Rust Compile Time series. It discusses some factors that cause Rust to build slow, including LLVM, compiler architecture, and linking.
TiDB Cloud Beta is released. It's the easiest, most economical, and most resilient way to unlock the full power of TiDB in the cloud, allowing the users to deploy and run TiDB clusters with just a few clicks.
ReleaseTiDB CloudHTAPCloud
2020-06-22Brian AndersonEngineering
The third episode of the Rust Compile Time series discusses why Rust's compilation units are so big and how that affects compile times.
2020-06-15Brian AndersonEngineering
This is the second episode of the Rust Compile Time series. Brian Anderson, one of Rust's original authors, talks about monomorphization, using the TiKV project as a case study.
2020-06-05Wei LiuEngineering
TiDB 4.0 release greatly outperforms TiDB 3.0. Our TPC-C benchmark improved by about 50% and our TPC-H benchmark improved by about 100%.
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