2021-02-09JD Cloud database teamCommunity
PingCAP teams up with JD Cloud to provide Cloud-TiDB service on the JD Cloud platform.
Cloud-nativeHTAPScalabilityReal-time analyticsBackup and restore
2021-02-05Cwen Yin, Calvin WengCommunity
Chaos Mesh started out as a mere fault injection tool and is now heading towards the goal of building a Chaos Engineering ecology. Meanwhile, the Chaos Mesh community was also built from scratch and has helped Chaos Mesh join CNCF as a Sandbox project.
Chaos MeshChaos Engineering
Today, we are excited to introduce the TiDB Incubator Program, a program designed to ensure that new projects in the TiDB ecosystem can obtain resources and help from the community towards their desired maturity level.
2021-01-07Coco YiCommunity
This post introduces how Discussions, a beta feature GitHub recently launched, helps open source projects build their own communities or bring the communities nearer to the source code.
Open source
2020-12-17Will ZhangCommunity
This article walks you through how to deploy TiDB on KubeSphere and release TiDB to the App Store to make it available to other tenants.
TiDB OperatorCloud-nativeKubernetesTutorial
2020-11-26Hui ZhangCommunity
NetEase Fuxi AI Lab is China's first professional game AI research institution. In their search for a Chaos Engineering tool to test their Kubernetes-based AI training platform, they chose Chaos Mesh and have improved their system resiliency ever since.
Chaos MeshChaos Engineering
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