PingCAP Blog

Front Matter Example

title: Blog Title
author: ['Author']
date: yyyy-mm-dd
summary: Blog Summary
tags: ['tag1', 'tag2']
categories: ['category']
image: /images/blog/...


  • title
  • author
    • format: list(array) [‘author-1’, ‘author-2’]
  • date:
    • format: yyyy-mm-dd
  • summary
  • tags -
    • format: list(array) [‘tag-1’, ‘tag-2’]
  • categories
    • format: list(array) [‘category’]
    • category values: Engineering, HTAP, MySQL Scalability, Open Source Community

For SEO and social media share

  • image: /images/blogs/…

This is used to show the thumbnail shown in the social media platform.

  • summary: PingCAP is focused on developing distributed NewSQL and is the team building TiDB, an open-source distributed NewSQL database.

This is for the description shown in the social media platform.


We use to lint all .md files.

To better check while writing, you can use vscode + vscode-markdownlint extension for VS Code.