2020-05-06Kenan YaoEngineering
This post introduces how SQL Plan Management helps the optimizer automatically select efficient execution plans to prevent performance regressions caused by unexpected plan changes.
Query executionSQL engine
2020-05-04Nick CameronEngineering
This post introduces how to build and run your own TiDB or TiKV, and how to run some benchmarks on those databases.
How toBenchmarkTiKV
2020-04-29Heng LongEngineering
TiUP is a component manager that streamlines installing and configuring a TiDB cluster into a few easy commands. It helps get your cluster up and running quickly with a minimal learning curve.
Ecosystem tools
2020-04-22Xiangsheng ZhengEngineering
Key Visualizer is a visual diagnostic tool that makes it easier to troubleshoot distributed SQL databases. Users can observe system health, quickly find hotspots in the cluster, and gain deep insights into applications.
TroubleshootingDistributed SQL database
2020-04-20Chengwen YinEngineering
As a cloud-native chaos engineering platform, Chaos Mesh supports TimeChaos, which simulates clock skew in containers or K8s for distributed systems to test system robustness, without affecting other containers on the node.
Chaos MeshKubernetesChaos testDistributed system
2020-04-13Taining ShenEngineering
Backing up or restoring a large-scale distributed SQL database is a time-consuming task. Our upcoming TiDB 4.0 release will support Backup & Restore (BR), a distributed backup and restore tool, which lets you back up and restore data at 1+ GB/s for 10-TB data.
Ecosystem toolsDistributed SQL databaseBackup and restore
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