2017-09-12Siddon TangEngineering
This is the speech Siddon Tang gave at Bay Area Rust Meetup August 2017.
2017-09-08Huachao HUANGEngineering
Data was corrupted. A cluster panicked. The crime scene was compromised. What happened? Detective Huang went all lengths to locate the criminal and solved it once and for all.
Bug fixRocksDB
2017-09-01Peng XUEngineering
What happens when TiDB meets Jepsen?
Jepsen test
The goal of TiKV is to support 100 TB+ of data and it is impossible for one Raft group to make it, we need to use multiple Raft groups, which is called Multi-raft.
2017-07-28Siddon TangEngineering
TiKV uses the Raft algorithm to implement the strong consistency of data in a distributed environment. This blog introduces the details how Raft is implemented.
2017-07-24Li ShenProduct
This article summarizes some best practices in using TiDB, mainly including SQL usage, OLAP/OLTP optimization techniques and especially TiDB's exclusive optimization switches.
Best practice
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