2021-03-16Jinpeng Zhang, Bokang ZhangCommunity
At TiDB Hackathon 2020, the Pingtouge team focused on reducing TiDB's cross-AZ data transfer costs on the cloud. They managed to reduce read traffic by 89% and write traffic by 15%.
2021-03-11Han Liu
To handle increasing data of their gaming business, Kunlun migrated from MySQL to TiDB, a MySQL compatible NewSQL database featuring horizontal scalability and a powerful ecosystem.
2021-03-10Ron XingProduct
Running TiDB on EKS clusters with Graviton processors offers up to 25% better price-performance ratio compared to an x86-based cluster. This article discusses the benchmark tests we ran.
TiDB Hackathon 2020 ended up with many star projects. To actually land these projects in the community, PingCAP is now launching an 8-week TiDB Hacking Camp.
2021-03-04Xiang WangCommunity
If your Golang app uses a MySQL-compatible database, you will have a lot of database-related code to unit test. Unlike go-sqlmock, tidb-lite lets you test your code easily without the need to start a database instance in the external environment.
2021-02-24Xiao Huang
Meituan is the largest local life service company in China. As their business expanded, Meituan chose TiDB as a MySQL alternative to solve the difficulty of manual sharding and provide strong consistency.
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