2016-12-07Fei HANEngineering
Subquery optimization, especially rewriting the correlated subquery, is a very difficult part in SQL query optimization. To be compatible with MySQL, TiDB enables users to write subqueries anywhere they want. For those subqueries that are not correlated, which are also called uncorrelated subqueries, TiDB evaluates in advance; for those correlated subqueries, TiDB removes the correlations as much as possible. For example, TiDB can rewrite a correlated subquery to `SemiJoin`. This article is focused on introducing the correlated subquery optimization methods in TiDB.
2016-11-17Ivan YangEngineering
This document gives an overview of MVCC implementation in TiKV.
2016-11-15Ewan ChouEngineering
This document introduces the History Read feature in TiDB.
This document introduces how TiKV works as a Key-Value database.
2016-10-17Max LiuEngineering
This is the speech Max Liu gave at Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2016.
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