2018-12-11Morgan TockerMySQL Scalability
This post introduces the top five key differences between TiDB and MySQL.
TiDBProductMySQL ScalabilityHTAPOpen Source Community
2018-12-04Li ShenMySQL Scalability
PingCAP, a leading distributed database company that created the popular MySQL-compatible cloud-native NewSQL database TiDB, announces that TiDB 2.1 is ready for General Availability.
TiDBMySQL ScalabilityHTAPOpen Source Community
2018-11-14Siddon TangEngineering
This post discusses Raft Log Read, `ReadIndex` Read, and Lease Read, and why TiKV adopts the Lease Read approach.
2018-11-02Kevin XuEngineering
This post provides a macro-level overview of TiDB and is the main reference content for readers to orient and dig deeper into other TiDB subjects.
2018-10-16Morgan TockerOpen Source Community
Today, we are excited to launch TiDB Academy, a series of technical training courses and certifications on TiDB and distributed databases in general, taught by our senior technical team.
MySQL ScalabilityHTAPOpen Source CommunityTiDB Academy
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